MultiVES in Europejski Hotel

Hotel Europejski is one of the hotels on which our MultiVES system is installed. It was built in stages between 1855 and 1877 on the Royal Route based on the design by Henryk Marconi. For over 160 years, the building has been a silent witness to the history of Warsaw, as well as to the most important events in the history of Poland. The revitalization works started in 2014, carried out in close cooperation with the local and regional historical preservation officers, have restored the building’s former splendour, giving the hotel a new life. Today, the Europejsk is home to a five-star hotel of Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Raffles Europejski Warsaw and the largest private collection of the Polish contemporary art in Poland which includes over 450 works of more than 120 artists , as well as commercial and office spaces.

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