The main purpose of the voice alarm system (VA) is to effectively warn the public of eminent danger thus allowing efficient evacuation. The warning and informative functions can be triggered automatically via the fire alarm system or manually using fireman microphones. The audible alarm system is designed to cover all areas of a building to reach its occupants in the event of an emergency.

More importantly, MULTIVES system can be successfully used to fulfil non-emergency functions i.e. it can provide standard public address system functionality. Thanks to its excellent audio setup, in normal conditions it can be used to address public for specific announcements (using either zone microphones or external sound sources) and/or to provide background music in venues such as shopping centres, sports halls etc.

In high-rise office buildings, each floor is often considered an independent fire zone. By using MULTIVES 4 x loudspeaker control cards, it is possible to separate common areas like corridors from the office area / hotel rooms etc. This functionality enables to provide background music in common areas on each floor without the need for 2 amplifiers. However, in the event of a fire/emergency, warning messages are broadcasted in the whole fire zone i.e. on the entire floor.