Expansion of transport and integration of various modes of transport pose a real challenge for Public Address (PA) systems. Modern solutions bringing together different aspects of public transport in order to ensure a fast and comfortable journey require better and more advanced PA systems. This need provides designers and engineers with a unique opportunity to deliver creative and innovative solutions.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a train station without a PA system. Providing that the announcements are audible and clear, the PA system remains the most effective means of public information with regard to train timetables, changes to platforms, delays or updates to your journey. It is not easy to design a system meeting all those criteria as it needs to be equipped with up-to-date components such as sound equalizers, delay lines, sound sensors, audio limiters and acoustic feedback eliminators. Ensuring the adequate volume and clarity of public announcements is the key requirement for an effective PA system. Audibility of information depends on the actual volume of the announcement as well as the distance to the surrounding noise levels.