The main purpose of the voice alarm system (VA) is to effectively warn the public of eminent danger thus allowing efficient evacuation. The warning and informative functions can be triggered automatically via the fire alarm system or manually using fireman microphones. The audible alarm system is designed to cover all areas of a building to reach its occupants in the event of an emergency.

More importantly, MULTIVES system can be successfully used to fulfil non-emergency functions i.e. it can provide standard public address system functionality. Thanks to its excellent audio setup, in normal conditions it can be used to address public for specific announcements (using either zone microphones or external sound sources) and/or to provide background music in venues such as shopping centres, sports halls etc.

MULTIVES offers advanced sound processing functions and audio signal matrix switching characteristic of professional acoustic systems:
• flexible configuration into separate zones and ease of management
• simultaneous processing of multiple sound sources
• effective use of a full acoustic bandwidth
• high quality transducers and digital processors ensure excellent sound quality and signal dynamics
• fully digitalised transmission
• in-built DSP processors used for sound processing and management of the system
• signal correction at audio inputs and outputs
• ability to define delays on loudspeaker lines
• in-built limiters at each audio output
• elimination of acoustic feedback
• fully configurable messaging system allowing to issue separate announcements to individual sectors within the venue.

MULTIVES is a fully certified system combining the functionality of a voice alarm system and a professional sound system. As such, it provides flexible management of loudspeaker zones covering the sectors, stands and other parts of the venue. Use of MULTIVES successfully addresses technical and legal issues ensuing from installing VA and PS systems in sports halls and event venues.

Communication protocols RS485, TCP/IP and in-built audio inputs/outputs ensure seamless connectivity with external devices such as mixer consoles, wireless microphone sets, translation systems or induction loops for the hearing-impaired.