Industrial facilities such as power stations, chemical plants, refineries etc. require particularly reliable systems and therefore MULTIVES PA/VA system offers enhanced safety measures to fully comply with such requirements:
• Use of fibre-optic loops between central units guarantees that in the event of a single fault/damage, the system will continue to function properly

• Even a total loss of connectivity affecting a part of the system will not reduce the overall system functionality – individual units will continue to operate independently and transmit messages warning of emergency

• Connecting fireman microphones into the fibre-optic loop allows transmitting audio messages to any part of the system in the event of a single damage to microphone cabling

• Damage to messaging memory of a specific unit results in transmitting of messages automatically uploaded from the memory of other units

• Loudspeaker lines utilised in open spaces are connected to central equipment via certified surge protectors to ensure safety against power surges caused by lightning