Voice alarm systems utilised in tunnels need to provide a function to set up delays in sending acoustic signals. MULTIVES offers in-built functionality to define such delays thus eliminating a need for 3rd party products to synchronise acoustic waves emitted through loudspeakers.

MULTIVES offers dedicated directional high-power speakers ensuring superb quality of emitted acoustic pressure. Those speakers can be installed in the tunnel at regular intervals to ensure precise sound propagation, required noise levels, broader bandwidth and reduction of bounce. Their design and characteristics guarantee the highest level of sound clarity.

Each fireman microphone contains in-built communication card enabling fibre-optic connectivity therefore eliminating the need for additional convertors or transporting microphones across significant distances in the tunnels.

  • Compliance with EN 54-16, EN54-4

  • up to 44 loudspeaker lines per Control Unit

  • Ability to simultaneously broadcasting nx 11 messages (n-number of CU)

  • Total amplifiers power of 1300 W

  • Cooperation with zone microphone ABT-DMS and ABT-M0x

  • TCP/IP network architecture

  • Up to 254 devices in the network with copper or fibre-optic wiring connection


The main role of Voice Alarm System is the implementation of essential evacuation functions and communication of a threat occurrence. In normal conditions, Voice Alarm System fulfils the role of Public Address System and is able to broadcast music or public announcements using zone microphone or other connected to the system source of sound. Public Adress system for transport infrastructure enables broadcast of messages to selected platforms or other infrastructure of the train station in order to inform waiting passengers about any changes to the train schedule or any potential threat.

Integrated audio inputs in each Control Unit and each microphone allow connection of external sound sources and transmission of messages emanating from precedent external communication system.

Integrated message buffering function enables recording higher priority messages, broadcasting them through already engaged, by superior sources, loudspeakers and automatically playing them once the line becomes free.